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We will provide a web-based e-mail address that says something about how you feel as a union member. Every e-mail you send out will state that you are affiliated with a union and proud. We will provide these services for the cost of a few cups of coffee per year. Only ten dollars!

And there will be no success without Your support. Thank you.

Our Core
  • UnionMuscleUnionMuscle Dot Com is seeking to provide an opportunity to negotiate for prices.
  • UnionMenPrimarily to provide the testerone crew to voice their concerns and do some bonding. Group Hug!
  • UnionWomenWe at the Unions have been leaders in equality in the workplace. It always is difficult to ignore.
  • UnionHoodFor all Union members to communicate and share general issues. So for different slants, we have different forums
  • UnionMailFor all Union members to communicate on. It will be the Union Mail Room and News Room